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Like her nephews, Princess Anne recognises the inadequacies of our Mental Health system and so, like William, Kate and Harry, gives some of her valuable time to the supporting of U.K. psychiatric establishments, in the mistaken belief that psychiatrists might know about mental health and might actually deliver recovery from the hundreds of mental disorders the American Psychiatric Association has invented and developed with various pharmaceutical partners over the last 65 years.

Earlier this year, in her capacity as Patron of the College of Occupational Therapists, she visited the Cygnet Hospital at Beckton, East London, to highlight the role which occupational therapy can play in mental health.

Amongst other things, the Princess said: "It is always a pleasure to see where occupational therapists are working in preparing people for their lives outside of hospital, improving their confidence and maintaining that confidence.   That support can influence where they go in their lives."     Quite right, but . . . .

The Beckton Hospital is one of more than 20 psychiatric facilities run nationwide by Cygnet Health Care (for private patients and the N.H.S.) to support people with what they call "specialist mental health services".  But less than 30 miles to the West of London is another Cygnet Hospital at Woking to which no Royals are invited, because government Care Quality Commission inspectors having branded the Woking Hospital as "inadequate", and spend visit after visit trying to bring the psychiatrically trained staff up to a level of proficiency where they might actually sometimes cure patients of something !

But like many so-called "Psychiatric Mental Hospitals", its technical delivery of worthwhile results is appalling.

The problems are blamed by management and by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt on shortages of money, shortages of beds and shortages of staff.   BUT, the real truth is psychiatry's own hidden shortage and total lack of an effective technology of the mind.

When patients are regularly misdiagnosed and mistreated, they seldom get better, and so the numbers of patients inevitably goes on increasing, instead of their recovering and returning to a normal life in the community.

Psychiatrically trained staff are blamed (even by the management responsible for their training) as "being inadequately trained", when the truth is that they definitely are trained, but only in the usual ANIMAL researched psychiatric practices, and seldom if ever in modern mental health practices based on research carried out with human beings - who, unlike rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals - can actually communicate subjectively, objectively, intelligently and helpfully with the researchers.

So in October 2017 we find reported (about this "one-of-many" U.K. "mental" hospitals to which our caring Royals will never be invited) that 'vindictive' staff 'taunted' young patients by saying: "your parents have left you", and CQC found other comments reportedly included: "if I broke your arm it wouldn't matter".

Where it was also alleged that a staff member failed to intervene to save a patient who tried to tie a ligature around his own neck.  Where investigators found that staff on the adolescent ward had used physical restraints 839 times in six months, including 88 cases of (very dangerous) face down restraint.   Where patients required emergency help from another hospital after being given a significant overdose of medical drugs.

Where two young patients were left to languish in the intensive psychiatric care unit for eight months, and another two patients for five months - even though that unit is intended for stays of two months or less.

Where an autistic 15-year-old, who had been sectioned, was inappropriately kept on a mental health ward for six months.   Where the CQC found that none of the nursing staff held specific qualifications for working with young people.  Where incidents, which should automatically have been reported to the local authority were not acted upon.

The Care Quality Commission rightly criticised the "Victorian" standards of such mental health provisions, saying that across the country 3,500 patients are being locked up in secure wards when they should be receiving "treatment".   But unfortunately such mental hospital "treatment" normally just means more daily and multi-daily usually addictive drugs supplied at Taxpayer expense.

In July, Jeremy Hunt demonstrated his completely erroneous evaluation of the situation by announcing an intention to create another 21,000 "mental health" posts by 2021, including round-the-clock integrated psychiatric services, and with an additional 4,600 "specially trained nurses" working in "crisis centres".

In other words.   By expanding (NOT Mental Health Services but) PSYCHIATRIC Services he will be ensuring that more and more British citizens can be "sectioned". i.e. with the help of the Police, forcibly taken from their homes and locked up in a mental hospital without trial or any "evidence" other than an "order" based on the opinion of a psychiatric practitioner whom the "patient" may never even have met - just as they have been doing in Germany from Nazi times - and still do today !

HOWEVER, if I misjudge him and Mr Hunt should by any wonderful chance mean that he will abandon psychiatry and its animal behaviour based practices as a source of U.K. human mental practice, and instead start making use of DIANETICS® The Modern Science of Mental Health", then he would become the saviour of the British nation's health, and the saviour of billions of £pounds worth of the Chancellor's, the N.H.S's. and our citizens' hard earned taxes.

But NO !

When I write to him to suggest that he should at least "look at" and "discuss" alternative mental health procedures, the replies I get indicate beyond doubt that he is another hypnotised victim of psychiatric and pharmaceutical propaganda, plus false and misleading claims, and political manipulation, similar to the manner in which the psycho-pharms have captured our young Royals.

As a result, Britain is still on its way to paying for more and more daily and multi-daily doses of profitable addictive drugs, prescribed by psychiatrists for more and more invented reasons, to more and more members of our population.

And if it were not for the fact that most people, including myself, respect his honesty, it could make many of us wonder how many pharmaceutical shares Mr Hunt and his family might own ? Or if he is being coerced in some way ?

Because: why on Earth does he refuse to even look at and discuss a 65 year proven superior alternative to the current disastrous Psych Health system ?




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Thursday, 26 October 2017









Psychiatry is that pseudo Mental Health science which has NO definition for, NO description of, NO location for, NO anatomy of, and NO working knowledge about the human MIND, even though "mental" means: "of the Mind, done by the Mind, and involving or appertaining to the Mind" !

And as if that is not weird and misleading enough, psychiatry also denies totally the existence of the human SOUL, which is recognised by 90+% of the billions of members of religious congregations of numerous faiths around the World.

This set of gross omissions arises because, since even before the early 1800s, psychiatric researchers began examining and experimenting on millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and numerous other laboratory animals, in the mistaken assumption that Man is also a flesh and blood animal - likely with a superior brain, and a similar stimulus-response reaction to danger, physical damage and recovery from such injuries.

But by wrongly considering the Brain as the life giving and survival governing organ, and thus leaving out the Soul and its Analytical Mind capabilities, they have failed to recognise that A HUMAN BEING IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPECIES FROM ANY OF THE ANIMAL SPECIES AND THAT MAN MUST THEREFORE BE RECOGNISED AND TREATED ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY FROM ANIMALS !.

But that's not what psychiatrists do.

They regard Man as just another Animal, but likely with a superior Brain.

As a result of which they damage the Souls of Man AND his Minds with Animal Practices instead of using Human Practices.

Not dissimilar to putting diesel oil into a petrol driven car, or vice versa. Or trying to start a gas oven just by switching on the gas and expecting it will then heat up just like an electric oven does when you switch on the electric.

Take a long hard look at various animals - domesticated, farmed, in the wild or in a zoo, and ask yourself: "Can that possibly be me ?".

Then close your eyes and get a mental image picture of a time when you were enjoying life and, whilst you've got that picture, reply out loud to this question: "WHO'S LOOKING AT THAT PICTURE ?".

That's right: You are !

Because you probably answered "I am", and in that answer you confirmed YOU ARE A SOUL and that YOU are in charge of a human body.

Mrs May claims that "No Deal" is better for Brexit than a "Bad deal".

Let her therefore also recognise that Mental Health WITH NO PSYCHIATRISTS is better than allowing damaging modern psychiatric practices to continue, and that Mental Health based on a modern science of the mind cooperatively researched with human beings able to communicate coherently with the researchers - is the BEST DEAL.

That modern mental Science is called DIANETICS®.

It was launched in 1950, and it is now practised in most civilised countries of the world, EXCEPT those already committed over decades to Wilhelm Wundt born in 1832, Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875, Ellis and others, all of whom have contributed to the assorted and often opposing views and damaging practices of clinical psychology, psycho-therapy and psychiatry as we know them today (which are still going on right now 365 days a year !)

They include: Electro-Convulsive Shock Treatment (ECT), Narcotic Shock Therapy (Deep Sleep), invasive brain operations such as Pre-Frontal Lobotomies and Leucotomies, and multi-daily addictive drug prescribing and administering - at MASSIVE U.K. Taxpayer expense.

How much expense ?   BILLIONS !

Over £3,650 MILLION a year AND, if the psycho-pharms advising Mrs May have their way, they would like to see this doubled !

On top of this the Government's own National Audit Bureau reports that keeping 200,000 former heroin users in methadone costs another £9.4 BILLION across all government Departments, so we are looking at over £13 BILLION every year just to keep 4,200,000 individuals legally addicted to addictive pharmaceutical drugs supplied by the N.H.S. via the Department of Health and thus the U.K. Taxpayer.

If you don't believe these statements Mrs May, please read knowledgeable, brave and discerning newspaper reporters like Peter Hitchens, who protests the manner in which the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity have hoodwinked the young Royal Family into help persuade you and your Cabinet to spend more on psychiatric addictive drugs, etc., in the name of "Mental Health".


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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The Modern Science of Mental Health - "DIANETICS®" by L. Ron Hubbard.

Every major company's human resources department should of course be trained in DIANETICS, so they may inexpensively handle workplace mental health.  This includes government Departments, the Police and the Military.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017









And it's not just the concept of the Human Soul which psychiatrists abhor.

Psychiatrists also deny the existence of the Human Mind !

EVEN THOUGH THEY PRETEND TO BE THE EXPERTS ON MENTAL HEALTH !   And even though, according to the best English dictionaries "Mental" means: "of the Mind, done by the Mind and involving the Mind"!

So that "MENTAL Health" means: "the Health of the MIND".   i.e. that organ of which the theories of psychiatry deny the existence ???    It just does not make sense !

Until we examine "WHY" psychiatric theory totally denies the existence of both our Souls and our Minds.

How could they possibly have got things so wrong, when not only Christianity but billions of other World religious congregations ALSO acknowledge the existence of our Souls ?

Apparently it was a very simple mistake, but one which they now refuse to correct - to avoid losing their hugely influential position in our society.

Early psychiatric researchers, and some psychologists, made the mistake of assuming that because Man and numerous Animals both have a "Flesh & Blood Body" plus "a Brain", THEN, basically, they must both be Animals, with Man in charge of the World - because (it was further assumed) he must have a "superior" Brain.

So they studied millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and numerous other flesh and blood animals in the mistaken belief that they were also, at the same time, studying Mankind !

However, Human Beings clearly have, or more accurately ARE, Souls - a spiritual beingness which has yet to be detected in Animals.

Furthermore, whilst both Animals and Man exhibit possession of a "body-protective" stimulus-response or reactive "Mind" capable of Identifying physically damaging anti-survival factors in the environment, Animals show none of Man's superior abilities to make Comparisons and to Differentiate.    Both of these abilities are additional thought processes essential to logical analysis, scientific research, progress, the amassing of knowledge, the undertaking of responsibility and the control of one's environment and destiny.

In other words, although possessed of a flesh and blood body, a brain and a Reactive Mind (all of which are found in most animals) A HUMAN BEING IS NEVERTHELESS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPECIES - being a Soul which is additionally possessed of an Analytical Mind, not found in animals.

It's the same error which might arise if novice engineers conducted extensive research into petrol driven motors and, having come to certain quite rational conclusions about them, then turned their attention to electric powered motors as another subject on which to apply their engine theories.

They would find that both motors are of strong metallic construction. That both deliver their output in the form of powerful rotation which can be harnessed to drive the wheels of a road vehicle, etc., and that they both need some form of gearing to take optimum advantage of that power under various usage conditions.

And they might even conclude that: "engines are all engines".

They would also be aware that, in the first engine, if you increase the amount of petrol going into the engine, it will go faster.     Therefore, in an effort to increase the speed of the electric engine, they might make the mistake of thinking it could be a good idea to feed it with petrol !


But no more stupid than trying to transfer theories gained mainly from the investigation of Animals, to Human Beings who have an entirely different driving force in life, as well as an entirely different set of goals, purposes and abilities.

The explosive damage created by feeding petrol to an in-operation electric motor is very much akin to the damage a Human Being (and his environment) suffers when you feed psychiatric animal based Mental Disorder theories to Mankind.

But since 1952 and even earlier, that is exactly what international psychiatry has been doing, even though in 1942 Britain’s most famous, revered and successful Prime Minister - Winston Churchill – found it important to write the following condemnation of psychiatrists:

I am sure it would be sensible to restrict as much as possible the work of these gentlemen, who are capable of doing an immense amount of harm with what may easily degenerate into charlatanry (quackery & fraud).

The tightest hand should be kept over them, and they should not be allowed to quarter themselves in large numbers upon the Fighting Services at public expense.”

But with the help of the war itself, abusive researches done by Psychiatrists on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps in Germany, and later animal researches done in the United States, Britain and other countries, these pseudo-scientists have, in company with pharmaceutical producers, slowly and carefully taken control of not only our N.H.S., but also our schools, our Social Services, our prisons, our Armed Forces, our care homes for the elderly and our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, with the devastating results we see all around when we know where to look.

For example, the huge rise in cases of Dementia (on which psychiatry pretends to be THE experts and for which they prescribe increasing amounts of increasing numbers of toxic addictive and other drugs to our ageing population) stands out as the worst current example of what the Reactive Mind can do to Man, when undetected and unhandled by those self-appointed” experts”.

Churchill recognised that psychiatrists: “are capable of doing AN IMMENSE AMOUNT OF HARM” and in respect of Dementia, they constantly increase the power of the Reactive Mind by enlarging its content with daily attacks on the body and mind by prescribing poisonous, addictive and hypnotic pharmaceutical drugs – not to cure, but merely to handle symptoms which their so-called “treatments” inevitably only make worse, whilst making more sales and profits, for their pharmaceutical fellow-travellers.

So the major change we should be encouraging is a move from failing and dangerous psychiatry and psychology, to a healing modern science of mental health as represented by Dianetics®, the world’s most effective and widely used mental science, which works - because it not only recognises the Mind(s), but also acknowledges the existence of, and works with, our Souls - NAMELY US !

Psychiatrists have long labelled their activities as "Mental Health" in order to "sell them" to Royalty, Ministers, other politicians, Civil Servants, the Media and the general population, BUT in fact it is now clear that psychiatry’s main role today is as the U.K’s ‘pusher’ of addictive pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

Described in its own training literature as: “The branch of medicine which deals with mental disorders, their origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention”, modern psychiatry is revealed in that same literature as being comprised of a wide range of disagreements between various schools, factions or ‘authorities’ arising from “a long and controversial history”.

It is therefore not surprising that Dr Chris Evans’ authoritative description and definition of psychiatry concludes with the following revealing paragraph:

The trouble with psychiatry today is that it is still without a working theory, not just of the mind but also the disturbed mind.   Even a definition of ‘mental illness’ is not easy to come by, so perhaps it is not surprising that to this date psychiatric methods have inevitably been of a hit or miss variety” !

In the two decades after World War II, alongside the associated practices of psychology and psycho-therapy, psychiatry was busy giving Electric Shock “Treatment” (ECT) and Narcotic Shock “Therapy", plus carrying out psycho-surgical operations such as pre-frontal lobotomy and leucotomy.    Whilst, because of their lack of curative results, these practices peaked in the late 1950s, they are still EVERY DAY delivered in many European countries including Britain and other so-called “civilised” countries. (Yes - every day !).

It was in the nineteen fifties and sixties that the international pharmaceutical industry in a sense came to the rescue of a psychiatric industry which was by then showing an increasing lack of acceptable results. Seldom if ever a genuine cure, and more often than not a worsening of a patient’s condition and living quality, as well as regular shortening of his or her life.

It is interesting that a hundred years ago, ‘everybody’ knew that if a patient was being “treated” for some illness, then the intention was to see that that patient was ”cured” of that illness.

But even before the nineteen fifties, pharmaceutical industry marketing departments began to realise that every time a patient was cured of an illness, he stopped taking his medicine, and so at the same time he also stopped being a consumer of drug company products:  WHICH WAS NOT GOOD FOR PROFITS.

This coincided with the recognition that many so-called mental illnesses were associated with bio-chemical factors.   i.e. a recognition that chemical compounds (including many foods) could create conditions in human beings which psychiatrists could then label as “neuroses” and / or “psychoses” or “mental disorders”.

The American Psychiatric Association took advantage of these apparent “mental” symptoms, to start publication of its now infamous 1952 first edition of its “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, which originally listed only a few dozen or so behavioural traits as “newly discovered mental conditions.

And the idea of “managing mental health” with prescription drugs was soon developed by this psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity, along with the concept of “sickness management” (and “habit management” in the field of drug abuse). i.e. NOT "curing"merely "managing" !

"Why" (their marketing people asked) "provide a patient with medicines or drugs for a few weeks in order to cure him, when you can sell him a disorder “management drug” for life simply by addicting him (or her)" ?

Insulin, asthma-inhalers, tranquillisers, anti-depressants, Metformin, anti-histamines, Ritalin, Prozac and the benzodiazepines, etc., etc., and in respect of “addiction management” for life – methadone, buprenorphine (Subutex), naloxone, Suboxone and disulfiram (Antabuse), etc. - all paid for by our taxpayers !

Business for psychiatrists and for the drug companies has been expanded over the years firstly by the American Psychiatric Association adding hundreds of new “mental disorders” to its “diagnostic and statistical manual” (including inventing illnesses like “Social Anxiety Disorder” and A.D.H.D. to create new uses for existing drugs), and secondly by pharmaceutical companies developing more and more and more prescription drugs to meet the demand created by the psychiatrist’s newly “discovered” and / or “found” and in fact actually “invented” or “labelled”, so-called mental ‘disorders’.

And the beauty of “treating” mental disorders is that, unlike physical health, which is recognisable by most people, “only a psychiatrist can diagnose mental health” – or so say the psychiatrists !

Any business enterprise which continuously delivers what it promises clearly deserves to succeed.     But how do you make profitable and keep on expanding a mental health business which year after year fails most of its consumers ?    (i.e. Fails NOT its shareholders or political masters, but its non-recovering patients).

Four vested interest policy factors additional to those already mentioned have helped to build the psycho-pharmaceutical industries into the richest and most powerful businesses in the world:

* By all possible means, falsely convince government that psycho-pharms alone are the experts in the drugs field and that they should therefore not only be the sole providers of “treatment”, but also THE “expert” advisers on State policy for all forms of health issues and all forms of substance ‘misuse’ and ‘abuse’.

* Convince government that all forms of medical and prescription based “treatments” for mental health, should be chosen – not by the patients – but by government employed and other psychiatrists, and paid for from taxpayer funds.

* Take advantage of the addictive and / or hypnotic habituating nature of many prescription drugs and other licensed substances to create a culture of irresistible dependency which can be relied upon to DAILY bring patients back for more and more drug supplies to “manage” their particular health “problem”.

* Ensure that any other expertise and success in the health field – particularly in respect of mental health and addiction – is criticised, ridiculed, condemned and generally side-lined and marginalised, so as to avoid having psycho-pharm failures exposed by the successes of other superior systems or technologies in other countries.

These policies, and the control which multi-national psycho-pharmaceutical industries exert over them, are responsible for the huge over-spending by national health services and health insurance companies across the western world.

A majority of N.H.S. funded medicines no longer cure patients, but instead day after day “manage” only their health problem symptoms with addictive drugs.   And now that we know for sure that such "management" costs the N.H.S. Ten Million Pounds a day (£10,000,000 every single day) then the only possible result is more and more addicted patients, more and more addictive prescriptions and thus less N.H.S. money to spend on more badly needed medical staff, hospital premises, medical equipment and A&E, etc, etc.
And the proof is that this IS the result we have !
WE HAVE ALL BEEN CHEATED - Including Prince Harry, his brother, his sister-in-law, Mrs May and her Cabinet, AND WE ARE STILL BEING CHEATED EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And we will go on being cheated UNTIL Ministers, other Politicians, Civil Servants and the Media cast off the blind-folds and ear-plugs which psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry have persuaded them to wear, and instead START SPEAKING WITH AND LISTENING TO THE PRACTITIONERS OF THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH - "DIANETICS".

Around the world, millions of individuals are today saying "Thank God for Dianetics" - because Dianetics includes THEM - their spiritual beingness, as well as their bodies, brains and minds.

But it is impossible to say "Thank God for Psychiatry", when the vastly greater part of psychiatric theory denies God's presence AS WELL AS the very existence of psychiatric patients' immortal Souls.


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Sunday, 15 October 2017







Even after the introduction of increasing numbers of armed officers and electric Tasers, British Police still have the reputation of being the most helpful in the world, when it comes to their relationships with the general public.

But it is not generally known that, whilst the Police must at all times operate within U.K. law, a huge body of increasingly non-English Psychiatrists have broader powers than the Police to detain and lock up individuals without trial IF a Psychiatrist happens to "think" that the person he is "sectioning" (i.e. locking up & drugging) "might" be mentally disordered - which can mean one of a few hundred scientifically UN-Proven conditions basically invented by Psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists and psychologists rely for these powers on the Mental Health Act 1983, without which they would be guilty of kidnapping and assaulting individuals both physically and mentally, and it is significant that that threatening Act was essentially put together by psychiatrists and psychologists to protect individual "psychs" from prosecution for their actions.  But, with a smile they say it was "to protect patients" !

In Britain, Psychiatrists are basically our non-political Gestapo or S.S., with powers far greater than any other British authority to command the lives and freedom of our citizens, and in carrying out their "sectioning" (arresting), incarcerating (imprisoning), drugging, electric shocking and brain operating (crippling), they are even empowered to call upon the Police for assistance !

You didn't know this ?

That's because they don't want everybody to know, in case the British voters might decide to take away the terrible and fearful powers which are exercised by psychs over 1,000 times every week - over 5 times every hour of every 24 hours, 142 times every single day !   Just in England and Wales !   With even more in Northern Ireland and Scotland !

Instead, they go on promoting and increasing the number of mainly invented Mental Disorders in order to keep us all fearful of "mental health problems" which, they falsely claim, only Psychiatry and Psychiatrists understand.

But why would they do this ?

Simply, for the age old purpose of gaining power over others - mainly in order to make lots of money.

When 60 odd years ago, the numbers of British physicians willing to study an obviously failing psychiatric pseudo-science started to dwindle, the American and German bosses of international Psychiatry chose to enrol increasing numbers of third-world university and medical college students (understandably and desperately seeking qualifications and a professional income) to study and become Psychiatrists, working closely with the Pharmaceutical industry to produce massive daily addictive drugs production, sales turnover, profits, dividends, salaries, fee incomes and bonuses - plus the possibility of escaping their third-world status !

Really a brilliant strategy - but only of value to Mankind IF the psychiatric procedures they are taught were capable of improving Man's Mental Health - which is seldom if ever the case !

The reason it does not and cannot improve Man's mental health, is because, with the exception of abusive researches done by Psychiatrists on the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, psychiatric research has overwhelmingly been carried out on millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals.

And, although Psychiatry claims that Man is just another flesh and blood animal with a superior Brain, it is very easy to prove that whilst animals do have a Brain and a Reactive Mind, Man ADDITIONALLY HAS an Analytical mind, PLUS being a Spiritual Being known by billions around the World as a SOUL.

So, the Minds & Souls which are part of Man, and NOT part of Animals, are totally ignored & denied by Psychiatry, and Man thus becomes treated by Psychiatry as if we are the same as rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs & other animals which - demonstrably WE ARE NOT !

No wonder Psychiatry doesn't work, except to damage the Analytical Minds and Souls that are the most vital parts of Man.

Psychiatry occupies its position as the "experts" on human mental disorders solely because psychiatric theories - BASED ON ANIMAL RESEARCH - were FIRST on the mental health scene - being investigated by men like Wilhelm Wundt under the patronage of the "iron" Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, as a means, amongst other things, of controlling population.

Described as the "father" of psychology and psychiatry, he was born nearly two centuries ago in 1823 in Leipzig, Germany, and, is acknowledged as the major influence on other researchers such as Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875, Ellis and others, all of whom have contributed to the assorted and often opposing views and damaging practices of clinical psychology and psychiatry as we know them today.

But being "first" on the mental health scene does not make Psychiatry the "best", and certainly does not make it the most "modern" and "effective".   Quite the reverse in fact with: "DIANETICS® - The Modern Science of Mental Health" today the most widely used and efficient mental health technology in the world.

But with Psychiatrists still in all our U.K. Government advisory posts, and decision-making positions in the Civil Service, the chances of our having a sane and viable approach to Mental Health and the abandoning in the near future of addictive drugging of millions of patients / victims - is very slim.

Especially as those same government advising psychiatrists continue every single day with their lying condemnation of L. Ron Hubbard's phenomenal works, and with their seduction and conning of the Royal Family into supporting Psychiatric interventions and treatments.

That manipulation of the young Royal Family has simply been achieved by exposing to the family, all Psychiatry's quite real problems, and then pretending that they exist because Psychiatry - in its guise as "Mental Health" - needs more support and financing to succeed.

But NO !

Psychiatric Animal based Mental Health needs abandoning and completely replacing with less costly, more effective and caring Dianetics Mental Health technology for Mankind - which is increasingly available around the World.


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The Modern Science of Mental Health - "DIANETICS®" by L. Ron Hubbard.

Friday, 13 October 2017






In Britain "SPECIAL MEASURES" are a status applied by regulators of public services to temporarily identify treatment or cure providers who are designated by inspectors as falling short of acceptable result standards.

In the field of Mental Health, one could be forgiven for expecting that an acceptable result would be early and accurate diagnosis of the patient's condition, followed by confrontable non-damaging treatment soon leading to a cure of the patient's adverse condition, and his or her discharge.


Diagnoses often seem to be either instantaneous and "off the cuff", or, to take some time to be fully recognised, AND, are often revised, indicating no proper and agreed upon yardsticks for evaluation of patients' conditions.

The actual treatment also seems to be a subject for long discussion - and dissension - amongst psychiatric practitioners, varying between, enforced incarceration, Electro Convulsive Shock (ECT), Narcotic Shock (Deep Sleep), invasive pre-frontal Lobotomy and Leucotomy brain operations or - most commonly & increasingly - prescription for many years of multi-daily addictive life controlling and demeaning drug dosages, all paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

Although addiction to illegally procured drugs such as heroin is considered extremely harmful, addiction to equally damaging prescribed equivalents such as morphine, diamorphine and other pain-killers, are not condemned as dangerous ?

And you may well ask "why" ?

When you dig deeply enough, you find that the whole of psychiatric practice is slanted towards eventually providing patients with treatment based on so-called Mental Disorders, for which a majority of patients can be prescribed some form of profitable addictive drug by the manufacturing side of the psycho-pharmaceutical brotherhood.

But this is not safe or even comfortable treatment, because the well over four million N.H.S. patients on addictive medical drugs, in addition to suffering a huge variety of "side-effects" also suffer from devastating "cold turkey" withdrawal effects whenever they attempt to escape the side-effects.

And everyone who has faced "cold turkey withdrawal" well knows that it should
legally be designated for what it is, i.e. "THE INFLICTION OF ACTUAL MENTAL AND BODILY HARM", which is of course a very serious crime !

We should also note that whilst the status of "Special Measures" is assigned to provide improvements in patient safety, reduce serious incidents and reduce unavoidable death events, nothing is said about improving the patients' Mental Health or curing any Mental Disorders except - strangely enough - to say that Special Measures gives trust Executives and Staff "THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM PATIENTS AND FROM PATIENT'S DEATHS".

When questioned as to why such training is necessary, the response of practically all provider employees - especially executives - is: "We can't discuss individual cases or practitioners' decisions".

In many cases Special Measures leads to staff changes at various levels - including the very highest - and in severe cases there can be proposals for breaking down a Trust and reforming it in a different location, with different personnel and other re-organisation.

BUT - NEVER is there recognition of the following fundamental problem.

Namely that psychiatry falsely believes that Man is no more and no less than just another animal - but with a superior "Brain".

They have no recognition of Man's "Mind" or "Soul", both of which are demonstrably possessed by Mankind but NOT by animals.  As a result of which psychiatrists can NEVER EVER deliver a viable and caring modern Mental Health blueprint capable of correct diagnosis and effective handling of Man's Mental Health.

All because psychiatric research is nearly exclusively based on the study of millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals.

And even though 300 hundred years ago, a wise Alexander Pope said:
"The proper study of Mankind - is Man".

SO . . . . the only Special Measures which are going to improve the Mental Health sector are: THE PHASING OUT of all animal behaviour based psychiatric, psychological and sociology procedures, training, counselling, diagnoses and treatment, whilst replacing them with modern science of mental health procedures developed by working with, examining and studying men and women who, unlike animals, can actually communicate their thoughts.

Human Beings who, in addition to an animal's Body, Brain and Reactive Mind, possess a much more significant Analytical Mind plus a governing and guiding Soul.

So that whilst psychiatry disagrees with practically every religion on the planet - the modern science of mental health validates the fact that we are - each and everyone of us - our own immortal SOUL.


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