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Solutions to problems are intended to make things better.  But a wrong solution can only make things worse.

And that is the case with psychiatric theories and so-called "treatments", which were developed over the last 150 years by EXPERIMENTING ON millions of mice, rats, Pavlov's dogs, other laboratory animals, near dead concentration camp prisoners and already mentally incapacitated patients in insane asylums.

Seldom if ever by STUDYING healthy cooperative Human Beings, knowingly themselves capable of sane actions and responses !

Psychiatry occupies its controlling position in "Mental Health" solely because it was essentially The First in that field.  However, it continues in control of government Mental Health policies not because it cures but because of its excellent & widespread P.R. plus the mysterious nomenclature with which it has surrounded the mental processes of Man, AND the overt but mainly covert vicious attacks it has continuously launched against natural healing and any new or superior Mental Health science likely to expose psychiatry's gross failings.

Although before the 1800s we had shamans, witch-doctors, sorcerers and sages advising us on emotional and mental matters, it was ailing Wilhelm Wundt (born 1832) who became known as the father of psychology / psychiatry, and in whom Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor showed interest, mainly because of that Duke's desire for population control.

Followed by Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875 and Ellis and others, the theories and technology of psychiatry began to be developed on the grossly mistaken assumption that Man is "just another animal apparently with a superior brain", which puts him in charge of the planet.

No acknowledgement of the centuries-long belief held by 90+% of the world population that a Human Being has or is an eternal Soul, and no recognition of the obvious fact that Man has an Analytical Mind, capable of Comparing and Differentiation in addition to Animals' sole mental "Identification" ability.

In other words, no understanding that Man, even though like most animals operating a flesh and blood body, is an entirely separate and superior species.
i.e. he is the rider and not the horse.

Nevertheless, over the last century and a half, allied with the wealthy pharmaceutical industry, psychiatry has developed an extremely expert combination of physical "treatments", mainly 1) with addictive drugs and E.C.T., plus 2) Public and Press Relations, and 3) black propaganda against other possible Mental Health science - all of which has kept politicians and other decision-makers wary of leaping from the obvious psychiatric frying-pan into what they have been cleverly duped into believing might be the fire.

However, an apparent NEED for Mental Health services is continuously being created by a) the abject failure of psychiatrists to deliver real and actual cures, b) their invention of "new" Mental Health conditions by labelling numerous facets of normal behaviour as "disorders", c) their increased condemning of so-called Mental Health patients to lifelong addictive drug "treatments", and, d) having their patients' consequent drugged and zombie-like condition labelled as further proof of disorder, demanding further psychiatric "treatment".

One major result is the wholesale conversion of millions of elderly N.H.S. patients to involuntary drug addicts, including those on pain-killers, those on anti-depressants, and the four million on benzos, and anti-psychotics etc., costing £12 million a day just to keep them addicted for no other reason than the fact that they are drug addicts !

As a result, addiction to prescribed medical drugs is at least a six times bigger problem than addiction to criminally supplied illicit drugs which - in many cases - are easier and quicker to recover from than the more powerful medical drugs.

Nevertheless, politicians have been manipulated into believing that the much smaller and easier to cure illicit drugs are the problem we should "make war on", whilst the daily supplies of legal psycho-pharmaceutical drugs should be paid for by British taxpayers via the Exchequer and the N.H.S.

No wonder the N.H.S. keeps overspending and is short of funds for everything other than addictive drug supplies. Because, promoted and backed by psychiatry, the pharmaceutical companies are making £Billions and £billions out of U.K. taxpayers.

Even so, in April of 2017, the President of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) was arrogant enough to issue an unprecedented warning to the Government that many U.K. based drug companies will consider abandoning Britain if the N.H.S. does not start to receive an extra £20 BILLION a year - for spending on even more prescription drugs than the current £Multi-billions.

IF - in terms of health - this was justifiable it would make sense, and so should be done.  But better mental health is not the reason.  The reason is that ABPI members want more turnover and profit, and the easy and inexpensive way of achieving this is to irresistibly addict as many patients as possible to psycho-pharmaceutical products which they MUST then have EVERY DAY solely to avoid devastating cold-turkey withdrawal effects.

This is part of the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity's over-arching goal - which is: to make daily addictive drug taking as normal and commonplace as breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee.  Just as the tobacco growers did with smoking and the brewers, vintners and distillers have done with alcohol.

NOW, with the elderly population already captured to the tune of four million N.H.S. daily drug addicted patients, the obvious next target is - OUR YOUNGSTERS.


a) because it is extremely difficult for patients or their families to argue with psychiatrists and psychiatrically trained G.Ps about the diagnosing of "Mental Disorders". and,

b) because 150 years of psychiatric "treatment" proves beyond doubt that its animal researched theories, when applied to the quite different and superior flesh and blood species known as Human Beings, do infinitely more harm than good, and so provide even more opportunities for prescribing profitable addictive drugs to more and more patients.

Whilst the pharmaceutical industry has long provided many excellent and much needed physical health services to our population and goes on so doing, it was the 1952 publication by the American Psychiatric Association of their first edition of their infamous "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" which was used to convince the pharmaceutical industry that there might well be another large prescription market which psychiatry could (profitably) help them access at absolutely minimum marketing cost.

As (in order to appease the ABPI) Jeremy Hunt's current drug dissemination target appears to be another 4 or 5 million involuntarily addicted N.H.S. patients, we can expect the N.H.S. spending on taxpayer funded DAILY drug prescriptions to increase by up to another £12 to £15 million A DAY if the Secretary of State for Health's currently proposed legislation for "Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Provision" is approved.

But worse still. Primary school, secondary school, high school, grammar school, academy, college and university students on ADHD and other addictive prescription drugs are not only already proven to be poorer students than those NOT so treated.  They are also proven to be far more likely to follow a lifetime of addiction not just to more prescription drugs, but also to street drugs or alcohol, after their school / university education is finished.

Another aspect of the psycho-pharmaceutical plot to profit magnificently from the U.K. National Health Service is "The Society for the Study of Addiction" beautifully presented monthly magazine "ADDICTION" which for 134 years has published thousands of articles, papers, briefings, conference reports and treatise, etc., extolling in excruciating detail the varieties, problems and dangers of SUBSTANCE ADDICTION, its mental health side-effects, how it might be claimed to be "incurable", and why it must be "managed" (i.e. continued) on a daily basis with equally addictive "substitute" prescription drugs.

In addition, the Preface to the 2017 edition of the Department of Health "Orange Book" entitled: "Drug Misuse and Dependence", is written by the Director of the "NATIONAL ADDICTION CENTRE" Professor Sir John Strang, and that "Book" purports to be a set of U.K. guidelines on clinical "management" of Drug Misuse and Dependence.

As its name quite blatantly implies, the "National Addiction Centre" is dedicated to the legal addicting of our nation !   Which is why it doesn't say "Anti-Addiction" Centre.).  Incredible ?  YES.  Which is why the Centre can get away with its intentions - because they are unbelievable !

As soon as anyone speaks of drug "misuse", you immediately know they are blaming  the addict for his or her dependent condition, when in fact the vast majority of drug addicts are victims of ruthless marketing policies deliberately contrived to create irresistible demand for addictive substances.

At no point in any one of its 313 pages does this Department of Health publication speak of actually CURING addiction.  Nor does it speak of INVOLUNTARY ADDICTION or of RECOVERY, except on the last two pages of the book in the last chapter headed "A8: Glossary".

That glossary defines a drug only as "a psychoactive substance used ILLICITLY or ILLEGALLY", but fails to make any mention whatsoever of similar LEGALLY prescribed drugs which are in many cases far more addictive and destructive of users' lives than criminally smuggled street drugs.

Furthermore, that glossary goes out of its way to deliberately trash the whole concept of RECOVERY, when in fact there is a very straightforward and viable definition as follows:

"Recovery is a lasting return to the natural state of relaxed abstinence into which 99% of the population is born", and it has been delivered since 1966.

In essence, this DoH Book which purports to guide the British Government on the handling of substance addiction, is nothing more nor less than yet another beautifully presented and executed P.R. publication intended to promote psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry as the sole authorities on addiction in order to reserve the highly profitable "treatment" (not cure) sector exclusively for the psycho-pharms.

Psychiatrists must be stopped before they turn our society into a nation of daily addictive drug users, unable to function without supplies and therefore at the mercy of unscrupulous politicians and distributors of life controlling substances.

Stop Jeremy Hunt's plan for damagingly and disasterously putting prescribing psychiatrists into every school, so that they may ensure more and more addictive control of our youth which he calls "Transforming Children's & Young People's Mental Health Provision" !

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the U.K.

Society for an Addiction Free Existence.

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Brexit and the border between the Northern and Southern parts of the island of Ireland are a problem only because two so-called Christian countries have decided it is totally impossible to treat their neighbours with Christian love.

What an appalling lesson in bigotry and false benevolence this reveals to everybody, and most damagingly to children everywhere struggling to make sense of and understand this new life they have only a few years earlier been born into.

If the Irish were truly Christian enough to live together as one national Irish country, then that Irish Nation could decide for itself whether it wanted to be part of the European Union or part of the United Kingdom, and the current border problem and all "the troubles" could be allowed to disappear together.

All the rights and wrongs of political and economic life on the island of Ireland appear to depend on the minor religious differences between the Church of Rome and the Church of England and the other Protestant Christian beliefs.

But the demonstrated actuality of differences between North and South reveals that those minor differences in Christian beliefs are only an apparency, and that it is the often selfish nature of many individuals that merely uses vague religious considerations as an excuse to parade and uphold their political, social, economic and personal preferences at any price and at every opportunity.

(We have similar usage of a devastating set of minor religious interpretations creating death and destruction in the Middle East, were Sunni Muslims hate and kill Shiite Muslims and vice versa, to gain political, social and economic precedence over the other.)

I am not absolutely certain if they have a different Ten Commandments in Belfast to the Ten they have in Dublin, but am rather sure they don't.

So what degree or level of hypocrisy are both sides practising for their own personal or their own community's ends ?

If both sorts of Christian Confessional and their practice of "penitence" actually worked, this situation would already have been resolved.

But if I am wrong, then the best way for both sides to prove me wrong is for them to get together as one Nation on their own island of Ireland.

The Country of Ireland - populated by all those lovely Irish People - Together !




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Ten months ago, on April 27th 2017, THE TIMES newspaper front page head-line was: DRUG GIANTS THREATEN TO QUIT BRITAIN" and the sub-heading read: "Demand for £20 billion a year extra spending on NHS".

Chris Smyth, the Health Editor, reported that the pharmaceutical industry had issued an unprecedented warning that the world's biggest drug companies would abandon Britain unless the NHS received an extra 20 billion £pounds a year - basically to spend on increased pharmaceutical drug supplies.

With nearly 4 million 3 times a day NHS supplied involuntarily addicted patients already at this moment in Care, Nursing and Rest Homes as well as in their own homes, plus 200,000 formerly illicit drug users on daily Opioid Substitution Therapy methadone, Subutex, naloxone or Suboxone, etc., the DAILY NHS bill FOR ADDICTIVE DRUG doses is £12,200,000 EVERY DAY, plus the costs of housing, feeding and often providing a whole variety of State benefits for those 4.2 million NHS patients.

And this is all on top of the other millions of £pounds the Taxpayer funded NHS also daily pays the pharmaceutical companies for NON-ADDICTIVE Medication !

Now, in addition to our millions of mainly elderly involuntary addicts, our drug pushing Jeremy Hunt soon seeks to enrol millions of children and young persons in the 5 to 25 years age group, via his December 2017 "Green Paper" entitled "Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Provision".

By "Transforming Mental Health Provision" he clearly means "Expanding Psychiatric Interference in our Education System PLUS the Increased Prescribing of Addictive Drugs to Millions of Our Offsprings.

His plans include the appointing of a so-called Mental Health "Lead" in every U.K. school, college and universtity. i.e a Psychiatrist or nurse psychiatrically trained to "diagnose and prescribe", whose main job will be to enrol as many pupils and students as possible on ADHD and / or other daily drug prescripion programmes - the majority of which are addictive.

In addition to the over 4 million patients on addictive Benzos and "C" & "Z" drugs, we find another 5.85 million on daily so-called anti-depressents which, in order to boost their sales, have just been re-validated as "better for depression than placebo pills", not by a totally independent "research group" but by the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity itself - the very people responsible for diagnosing, prescribing, producing and marketing this range of mainly addictive drugs.

But to fully reveal the vast total number of patients daily supplied by the N.H.S. with profitable addictive drugs, we must add in another 3 to 4 million who are on analgesics (pain-killers) a majority of which are strongly and inescapably addictive, mainly including as this range does: buprenorphine, diamorphine, heroin, methadone, morphine, opium and other opiates, etc.

Put together, we are likely looking at some 14 million Brits addicted to prescription drugs of one sort or another, plus another million addicted to illicit drugs and up to another 3 million reliant on alcohol.

Which is: 18 million - equal to over 27 percent of our total population of 65 million.

However, because only 42 million (49%) of U.K. employees are normally considered by the Office of National Statistics to be of working age, it looks like appoaching half of our working and producing population is addictively consuming illicit drugs or prescription drugs or too much alcohol.

Out of the above 21 Million working employees, it therefore appears that in addition to the millions on illicit drugs and alcohol, nearly two-thirds are already on one or another addictive drug supplied by the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity via the NHS, and paid for by our long suffering Taxpayers, at a cost of AT LEAST £22 Million pounds every day, which is £80 BILLION POUNDS EVERY YEAR !

Now Jeremy wants us to "Transform" (expand) the N.H.S. "Mental Health Provision" for the millions of our youngsters between 5 and 25 years of age, in order to boost Taxpayer spending on addictive prescription drugs by the extra £20 Billion The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) last year demanded, to help them reach their greedy and selfish commercial target of making daily addictive drug consumption as much a part of everyday life as breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee !

And knowing that addicting youngsters is the route to addiction for life, the question the Cabinet must ask Mr Hunt is:
How can you possibly believe that such a thoroughly drug addicted population can go on producing enough to pay for keeping themselves so overwhelmingly disadvantaged by a chemical burden deliberately designed to enhance the income and living standards of a ruthless privileged few ?


Can it perhaps possibly be because an addicted population is not only profitable but ALSO KEPT SUBDUED, that some politicians like to see them that way.

So, before everybody begins to see the Government's providing of addictive drug supplies as probably a deliberate hidden strategy to impose population control, GET RID OF HUNT Mrs MAY - BEFORE HIS POLICIES GET RID OF YOU, THE CONSERVATIVES AND DEMOCRACY, AND TAKE THE "GREAT" OUT OF GREAT BRITAIN.

OH, and please make sure that his replacement is NOT a pharmacologist or a psychiatrists and that he or she is not a supporter of palliative medicine and is willing to look at human and humane based natural healing alternatives and modern mental health science as viable alternatives to the present psychiatric theories based on experimenting on millions of mice, rats, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals plus the mentally disordered - instead of studying sane human beings.

Mankind is superior to animals, because we are a different species, and the major difference, which practically every world religion proclaims, and which psychiatry vehemently denies, IS THAT WE HAVE, OR MORE ACCURATELY ARE, SPIRITUAL BEINGS KNOWN CONSISTANTLY DOWN THE AGES AS: SOULS !

Proclaimed by practically every religion and their billions of followers - not just by a few thousand animal orientated psychiatrists.

Animal based psychiatry has today brought the U.K. to Electric Convulsive Therapy, intensive drugging, various invasive brain operations, "Deep Sleep" drugging and shocking and a heavily addicted population, and in addition to all that drug prescribing, please remember that "E.C.T." continues to be delivered daily in the U.K. as part of "Mental Health Provision" - for all ages.

Psychiatry is therefore, without doubt, extremely dangerous for humans. As a result, and for a start, we now desperately need to Establish a Viable Government Department for the Eradication of All Forms of Addiction, and if you would like a free copy of the 76 page booklet with that title, please e-mail me on or phone any time after 11.00 and before 21.00 any day. If we happen to be away lecture touring, please leave your own phone number and we'll call you back.

(N.B. If you happen to be a psychiatrist or pharmaceutical who would like to convert to honesty - you're also welcome.)


The U.K.

Society for an Addiction Free Existence.


Saturday, 25 November 2017






Even after the introduction of increasing numbers of armed officers and electric Tasers, British Police still have the reputation of being the most helpful in the world, when it comes to their relationships with the general public.

But it is not generally known that, whilst the Police must at all times operate within U.K. law, a huge body of increasingly non-English Psychiatrists have broader powers than the Police to detain and lock up individuals without trial IF a Psychiatrist happens to "think" that the person he is "sectioning" (i.e. locking up & drugging) "might" be mentally disordered - which can mean one of a few hundred scientifically UN-Proven conditions basically invented by Psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists and psychologists rely for these powers on the Mental Health Act 1983, without which they would be guilty of kidnapping and assaulting individuals both physically and mentally, and it is significant that that threatening Act was essentially put together by psychiatrists and psychologists to protect individual "psychs" from prosecution for their actions.  But, with a smile they say it was "to protect patients" !

In Britain, Psychiatrists are basically our non-political S.S. & Gestapo, with powers far greater than any other British authority to command the lives and freedom of our citizens, and in carrying out their "sectioning" (arresting), incarcerating (imprisoning), drugging, electric shocking and brain operating (crippling), they are even empowered to call upon the Police for assistance !

You didn't know this ?

That's because they don't want everybody to know, in case the British voters might decide to take away the terrible and fearful powers which are exercised by psychs over 1,000 times every week - over 5 times every hour of every 24 hours, 142 times every single day !   Just in England and Wales !  With even more in Northern Ireland and Scotland !

Instead, they go on promoting and increasing the number of mainly invented Mental Disorders in order to keep us all fearful of "mental health problems" which, they falsely claim, only Psychiatry and Psychiatrists understand.

But why would they do this ?

Simply, for the age old purpose of gaining power over others - mainly in order to make lots of money.

When 60 odd years ago, the numbers of British physicians willing to study an obviously failing psychiatric pseudo-science started to dwindle, the American and German bosses of international Psychiatry chose to enrol increasing numbers of third-world university and medical college students (understandably and desperately seeking qualifications and a professional income) to study and become Psychiatrists, working closely with the Pharmaceutical industry to produce massive daily addictive drugs production, sales turnover, profits, dividends, salaries, fee incomes and bonuses - plus the possibility of escaping their third-world status !

Really a brilliant strategy - but only of value to Mankind IF the psychiatric procedures they are taught were capable of improving Man's Mental Health - which is seldom if ever the case !

The reason it does not and cannot improve Man's mental health, is because, with the exception of abusive researches done by Psychiatrists on the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, psychiatric research has overwhelmingly been carried out on millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals.

And, although Psychiatry claims that Man is just another flesh and blood animal with a superior Brain, it is very easy to prove that whilst animals do have a Brain and a Reactive Mind, Man ADDITIONALLY HAS an Analytical mind, PLUS being a Spiritual Being known by billions around the World as a SOUL.

So, the Minds and Souls which are part of Man, and NOT part of Animals, are totally ignored and denied by Psychiatry, and Man thus becomes treated by Psychiatry as if we are the same as rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs & other animals which demonstrably WE ARE NOT !

No wonder Psychiatry doesn't work, except to damage the Analytical Minds and Souls that are the most vital parts of Man.

Psychiatry occupies its position as the "experts" on human mental disorders solely because psychiatric theories - BASED ON ANIMAL RESEARCH - were FIRST on the mental health scene - being investigated by men like Wilhelm Wundt under the patronage of the "iron" Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, as a means, amongst other things, of controlling population.

Described as the "father" of psychology and psychiatry, he was born nearly two centuries ago in 1823 in Leipzig, Germany, and, is acknowledged as the major influence on other researchers such as Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875, Ellis and others, all of whom have contributed to the assorted and often opposing views and damaging practices of clinical psychology and psychiatry as we know them today.

But being "first" on the mental health scene does not make Psychiatry the "best", and certainly does not make it the most "modern" and "effective". Quite the reverse in fact with: "DIANETICS® - The Modern Science of Mental Health" today the most widely used and efficient mental health technology in the world.

But with Psychiatrists still in all our U.K. Government advisory posts, and decision-making positions in the Civil Service, the chances of our having a sane and viable approach to Mental Health and the abandoning in the near future of addictive drugging of millions of patients / victims - is very slim.

Especially as those same government advising psychiatrists continue every single day with their lying condemnation of L. Ron Hubbard's phenomenal works, and with their seduction and conning of the Royal Family into supporting Psychiatric interventions and treatments.

That manipulation of the young Royal Family has simply been achieved by exposing to the family, all Psychiatry's quite real problems, and then pretending that they exist because Psychiatry - in its guise as "Mental Health" - needs more support and financing to succeed.

But NO !

Psychiatric Animal based Mental Health needs abandoning and completely replacing with less costly, more effective and caring Dianetics Mental Health technology for Mankind - which is increasingly available around the World.

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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

P.S. Phone (01342) 811099 if you would like to study for a qualification in:
The Modern Science of Mental Health - "DIANETICS®" by L. Ron Hubbard.








Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health, has naively helped con the Royal Family, the Prime Minister and her Cabinet into a greedy psycho-pharm plan for making the U.K a country increasingly addicted to medical drugs - which government psychiatrists, along with pharmaceutical companies, have persuaded him is what the Mental Health service "has to do" to beat the increasingly numerous "Mental Disorders" invented by psychiatrists !

If you think this is NOT true, THEN PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY (excluding all the physically ill patients beneficially prescribed non-addictive pharmaceutical products) the United Kingdom has around 5 million drug addicts, OF WHICH 4 MILLION ARE LEGALLY ADDICTED TO MULTI-DAILY SUPPLIES OF PRESCRIBED MEDICAL DRUGS.

Most of them N.H.S. "Mental Health" Patients who have no problem other than their involuntarily induced medical addiction, which costs the overloaded U.K. Taxpayers TEN MILLION £POUNDS A DAY - EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR !

Since the 1900s, when the Carnegie Institute and John D. Rockefeller took over U.S. doctor's training from the American Medical Association, the educating of G.P's around the world has been more and more orientated towards palliative diagnosing and prescribing, as a means of selling more and more pharmaceutical drugs.

("Palliative Medicine" is the practice of alleviating symptoms, instead of spending extra time and money on seeking the cause of an illness, and normally means prescribing addictive drugs or other pharmaceuticals for relief or continuing symptom "management, instead of testing for, diagnosing and eliminating the cause. It forms the main operational basis for the U.K's National Health Service - especially for psychiatric patients with so-called "Mental Disorders".)

However, if you believe that psychiatric prescribing is all about curing mental disorders and that INVOLUNTARY ADDICTION has nothing to do with boosting pharmaceutical turnover, profits, dividends and bonuses, you probably won't want to read any further - because it's not nice to discover just how much and how often you have been conned by clever sales propaganda and expert Political, Press and Public Relations agencies.

They tell us that alcoholics get into that state because they "abuse" the booze, whilst psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and even the "Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs" tell us that drug addicts get into that condition because they "misuse" various substances.

But they don't tell you that it is totally impossible to become a drug addict without "using" a drug, so that the creation of addicts requires that they are first GIVEN (or conned with false information and "introductory discounts" into buying) an addictive supply.

The Drug Barons know this, so their Pushers pose as friends, and, with outrageous mis-information tempt individuals into "trying" (at a discount or for free) "helpful" samples to "see what probably suits them best", etc.

Psychiatric Pushers go one better.  They write - FREE OF CHARGE - a 7 Day 3 Times a Day prescription for Valium, or for another of the benzos or for another addictive drug, and with those 21 doses, make absolutely sure that that at least 50% of their patients will involuntarily become addicts for life.

And anyone who says that addiction is accidental is either a fool or is one of the psychiatric or G.P. Pushers trained in Carnegie / Rockefeller palliative medicine.

Make no mistake - an addict is a VICTIM of psycho-pharmaceutical greed, DELIBERATELY brought to that condition to provide easy sales and many years of easy profit paid for by BRITISH TAXPAYERS.

Only honest, well informed, intelligent government can solve this, but unfortunately Ministers are also greedy - for tax revenue - and conned by the so-called complexities of pharmaceutics, fall short of taking the legislative steps necessary to stamp out the legalised involuntary addiction in our N.H.S. patient population which is right now costing British Taxpayers £10 MILLION A DAY = £3.65 BILLION A YEAR - EVERY YEAR - AND RISING !

The simple and successful answer is government legislated Small-Dose Step-Down Withdrawal Management to Lifelong Abstinence which costs a fraction of current continuous prescribing of "recommended" doses, and so can be paid for out of the savings that such withdrawal creates.   You might like to ring (01342) 811099 for details.


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(and some mental) IS A ROOT CAUSE OF





The records of earlier human existence, when the average life span of men and women was under 40 years, report nothing about "Dementia", which is not mentioned until the early 1900's, when life expectancy had started to regularly exceed three score years and ten - i.e. 70 plus years.

Insofar as life's activities on this planet depend on the physical existence of our bodies, from the moment of conception, the tiny new body under production in its mother's womb is protected by what Freud described, a trifle inaccurately, as the "unconscious" mind, a stimulus-response mental mechanism which records a lifelong history of injuries to the developing body, PLUS - for future reference and usage - a matching history of exactly how each injury incident was handled and how continuing survival of the body was thus achieved.

Unlike other flesh and blood, brain and "unconscious mind" equipped Earth species, a human being is demonstrably additionally provided with an Analytical Mind Function, plus what has become known over the centuries as the "Soul" or if you like as the Chief Executive Officer - i.e. the spiritual being or person "owning", in charge of and directing the destinies of each human body.

Because nature's Genetic Entity (which is responsible for the implementation of the DNA genetic codes and genome pattern) is concerned solely with THE PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES & PRESERVATION OF THE DEVELOPING BODY (without which neither the body nor the Soul can survive on Earth) - in physical emergencies, nature chooses to assign control of the whole organism to the stimulus-response "unconscious mind" mental mechanism capable of automatically "reacting" to injurious emergencies and / or threats thereof on the basis of that Reactive Mind's earlier recorded survival experiences.

In addition to extra years of life, what longer survival has brought to us is an increasing number of incidents in life comprised of pain, injury, impact, shock, attempted abortions, burning, genital mutilation of young males and females, scalding, breaking, threat, unconsciousness, toothache, headache, drug attack, morning sickness, drunkenness, accidents, sprains, bruises, poisonings, scratches, stabbings, falls and a further wide variety of other physical injury, PLUS - because of the protective workings of the reactive mind - an increasing number of re-triggerings of earlier "was-hurt-but-survived" actions when earlier past time records are again brought into play by stimuli in the environment.

The Reactive Mind has the power to switch off the Analytical Mind plus the executive Soul (producing the state known as semi or full unconsciousness) in order to allow the Reactive Mind to get on with what it is programmed to recognise as its body saving duty based on its earlier recorded survival records.

Therefore, as the quantity of physical injuries builds up over the years, so the likelihood of reactive mind restimulation by the environment increases along with takeover of control of the whole organism, and reduction of that human from a fully aware "in the here and now" logical being, to a stimulus-response automaton mainly operating on earlier past time physical injury data instead of on the up-to-date rationality of present time perceptions.

Which is why, in such dementia episodes, we find the affected individual confused, illogical and uncertain about persona, places and events.

This is basically a question of the QUANTITY of painful and threatening incidents continuously being added to the Reactive Mind, resulting in more and more Reactive Mind activity AND more and more shutting down of the Analytical Mind and the controlling Soul.  As a result, whilst at 40 years of age there is insufficient irrational Reactive Mind activity to be noticeable by others (plus the fact that its content does on many occasions work as nature intended) it is only when reactive activity starts to be present more often than analytical activity, that others start to be aware of the demented person's problem.

Investigation reveals various ways of combatting this increasing descent into more and more reactivity and the confusion, uncertainty and illogical attitudes it engenders.

The basic problem is that the contents of the Reactive Mind & the increasing re-stimulative factors in the individual's environment push the individual's attention out of Present Time, and into "no-longer-with-us" past time distressing events.

Attempting to handle the demented individual "subjectively" tends to interiorise them into their reactive recordings, whilst dosing them with a drug prescription (because most drugs are to a greater or lesser degree toxic) normally serves to accelerate the onset of demented episodes simply because the drugs are essentially yet another attack upon the body.

It follows that handling the individual "objectively" in terms of their environment and the body, plus especially taking steps to reduce the content of the Reactive Mind, are fruitful directions in which to proceed as early as possible.

However, before going further into avoidance and prevention methodology, it is hoped that the following diagram will help a fuller understanding of the demented state and its development.



- versus -


  9        |     decade      |     decade      |     decade         |     decade        |     decade          |     decade         |     decade        |    decade          |     decade
 mth      |      0 - 10        |     10 – 20      |      20 – 30        |    30 - 40          |      40 - 50         |     50 - 60          |     60 - 70         |    70 - 80          |       80 -90
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Periods of Reactive ACTIVITY (shown in Black) INCREASE in line with expanding Reactive Mind CONTENT, as more and more painful anti-survival incidents occur and accrue.

Periods of Analytical Activity (shown in Grey) DECREASE BECAUSE OF increasing Reactive Mind Activity, which can partly or totally shut down the Analytical Function.

N.B. Symptoms of Dementia can start appearing at any age, but usually from 50 years on.

The pain motivated increase in Reactive Mind CONTENT is NOT on a smooth gradient as shown above, but varies from person to person and from time to time for each person.

A huge variety of serious physical injury is of course capable of occurring from conception onwards, whilst other forms of major trauma - before and after birth - (including failed abortion, rape, birth, male and female circumcision) can at any age create mental abnormalities as well as, or instead of, the purely physical.

It will be seen from the above that the demented state itself, in addition to presenting increasingly irrational and confused behaviour to family, friends and colleagues, at the same time increasingly inhibits the subject's own analytical facilities.  i.e. the Dementia suppresses those abilities which make Man superior to animals, and which would have been capable of handling the overall problem - if appropriately informed action had been earlier taken.

In fact, we are faced with a condition which can often be relieved but seldom cured, yet for most can likely be avoided or prevented if tackled early enough.

that the contents of the Reactive Mind plus the increasing number of re-stimulative factors in the subject's environment are irresistibly pushing the individual's attention more and more often out of Present Time and onto earlier recorded traumatic events, essentially tells us that:

1) the restimulative environment should be moved away from the individual or the individual moved out of the restimulative environment, OR,

2) in advanced cases, which have NOT been subjected to drugging or any other so-called psychiatric "treatment", we can show you how to apply "objective" exercises or assists intended to bring the individual back into Present Time and to maintain them therein, OR,

3) in the case of those younger subjects who are yet to exhibit Dementia symptoms, we can use 67 year proven counselling techniques to reduce - or better still - empty the content of the Reactive Mind, and hand it's protective function over to the subject's own much superior Analytical Mind.

In fact the third alternative above is what the 90 year old author of this blog did 44 years ago - as have also done various other individuals in the same age group and who also consequently also show no signs of Dementia today.

If you want to know more, may I respectfully suggest that you buy my book: "WHAT IS DEMENTIA? What Causes It, and HOW TO AVOID AND PREVENT IT !"

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