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Even after the introduction of increasing numbers of armed officers and electric Tasers, British Police still have the reputation of being the most helpful in the world, when it comes to their relationships with the general public.

But it is not generally known that, whilst the Police must at all times operate within U.K. law, a huge body of increasingly non-English Psychiatrists have broader powers than the Police to detain and lock up individuals without trial IF a Psychiatrist happens to "think" that the person he is "sectioning" (i.e. locking up & drugging) "might" be mentally disordered - which can mean one of a few hundred scientifically UN-Proven conditions basically invented by Psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists and psychologists rely for these powers on the Mental Health Act 1983, without which they would be guilty of kidnapping and assaulting individuals both physically and mentally, and it is significant that that threatening Act was essentially put together by psychiatrists and psychologists to protect individual "psychs" from prosecution for their actions.  But, with a smile they say it was "to protect patients" !

In Britain, Psychiatrists are basically our non-political Gestapo or S.S., with powers far greater than any other British authority to command the lives and freedom of our citizens, and in carrying out their "sectioning" (arresting), incarcerating (imprisoning), drugging, electric shocking and brain operating (crippling), they are even empowered to call upon the Police for assistance !

You didn't know this ?

That's because they don't want everybody to know, in case the British voters might decide to take away the terrible and fearful powers which are exercised by psychs over 1,000 times every week - over 5 times every hour of every 24 hours, 142 times every single day !   Just in England and Wales !   With even more in Northern Ireland and Scotland !

Instead, they go on promoting and increasing the number of mainly invented Mental Disorders in order to keep us all fearful of "mental health problems" which, they falsely claim, only Psychiatry and Psychiatrists understand.

But why would they do this ?

Simply, for the age old purpose of gaining power over others - mainly in order to make lots of money.

When 60 odd years ago, the numbers of British physicians willing to study an obviously failing psychiatric pseudo-science started to dwindle, the American and German bosses of international Psychiatry chose to enrol increasing numbers of third-world university and medical college students (understandably and desperately seeking qualifications and a professional income) to study and become Psychiatrists, working closely with the Pharmaceutical industry to produce massive daily addictive drugs production, sales turnover, profits, dividends, salaries, fee incomes and bonuses - plus the possibility of escaping their third-world status !

Really a brilliant strategy - but only of value to Mankind IF the psychiatric procedures they are taught were capable of improving Man's Mental Health - which is seldom if ever the case !

The reason it does not and cannot improve Man's mental health, is because, with the exception of abusive researches done by Psychiatrists on the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, psychiatric research has overwhelmingly been carried out on millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals.

And, although Psychiatry claims that Man is just another flesh and blood animal with a superior Brain, it is very easy to prove that whilst animals do have a Brain and a Reactive Mind, Man ADDITIONALLY HAS an Analytical mind, PLUS being a Spiritual Being known by billions around the World as a SOUL.

So, the Minds & Souls which are part of Man, and NOT part of Animals, are totally ignored & denied by Psychiatry, and Man thus becomes treated by Psychiatry as if we are the same as rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs & other animals which - demonstrably WE ARE NOT !

No wonder Psychiatry doesn't work, except to damage the Analytical Minds and Souls that are the most vital parts of Man.

Psychiatry occupies its position as the "experts" on human mental disorders solely because psychiatric theories - BASED ON ANIMAL RESEARCH - were FIRST on the mental health scene - being investigated by men like Wilhelm Wundt under the patronage of the "iron" Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, as a means, amongst other things, of controlling population.

Described as the "father" of psychology and psychiatry, he was born nearly two centuries ago in 1823 in Leipzig, Germany, and, is acknowledged as the major influence on other researchers such as Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875, Ellis and others, all of whom have contributed to the assorted and often opposing views and damaging practices of clinical psychology and psychiatry as we know them today.

But being "first" on the mental health scene does not make Psychiatry the "best", and certainly does not make it the most "modern" and "effective".   Quite the reverse in fact with: "DIANETICS® - The Modern Science of Mental Health" today the most widely used and efficient mental health technology in the world.

But with Psychiatrists still in all our U.K. Government advisory posts, and decision-making positions in the Civil Service, the chances of our having a sane and viable approach to Mental Health and the abandoning in the near future of addictive drugging of millions of patients / victims - is very slim.

Especially as those same government advising psychiatrists continue every single day with their lying condemnation of L. Ron Hubbard's phenomenal works, and with their seduction and conning of the Royal Family into supporting Psychiatric interventions and treatments.

That manipulation of the young Royal Family has simply been achieved by exposing to the family, all Psychiatry's quite real problems, and then pretending that they exist because Psychiatry - in its guise as "Mental Health" - needs more support and financing to succeed.

But NO !

Psychiatric Animal based Mental Health needs abandoning and completely replacing with less costly, more effective and caring Dianetics Mental Health technology for Mankind - which is increasingly available around the World.


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In Britain "SPECIAL MEASURES" are a status applied by regulators of public services to temporarily identify treatment or cure providers who are designated by inspectors as falling short of acceptable result standards.

In the field of Mental Health, one could be forgiven for expecting that an acceptable result would be early and accurate diagnosis of the patient's condition, followed by confrontable non-damaging treatment soon leading to a cure of the patient's adverse condition, and his or her discharge.


Diagnoses often seem to be either instantaneous and "off the cuff", or, to take some time to be fully recognised, AND, are often revised, indicating no proper and agreed upon yardsticks for evaluation of patients' conditions.

The actual treatment also seems to be a subject for long discussion - and dissension - amongst psychiatric practitioners, varying between, enforced incarceration, Electro Convulsive Shock (ECT), Narcotic Shock (Deep Sleep), invasive pre-frontal Lobotomy and Leucotomy brain operations or - most commonly & increasingly - prescription for many years of multi-daily addictive life controlling and demeaning drug dosages, all paid for by U.K. taxpayers.

Although addiction to illegally procured drugs such as heroin is considered extremely harmful, addiction to equally damaging prescribed equivalents such as morphine, diamorphine and other pain-killers, are not condemned as dangerous ?

And you may well ask "why" ?

When you dig deeply enough, you find that the whole of psychiatric practice is slanted towards eventually providing patients with treatment based on so-called Mental Disorders, for which a majority of patients can be prescribed some form of profitable addictive drug by the manufacturing side of the psycho-pharmaceutical brotherhood.

But this is not safe or even comfortable treatment, because the well over four million N.H.S. patients on addictive medical drugs, in addition to suffering a huge variety of "side-effects" also suffer from devastating "cold turkey" withdrawal effects whenever they attempt to escape the side-effects.

And everyone who has faced "cold turkey withdrawal" well knows that it should
legally be designated for what it is, i.e. "THE INFLICTION OF ACTUAL MENTAL AND BODILY HARM", which is of course a very serious crime !

We should also note that whilst the status of "Special Measures" is assigned to provide improvements in patient safety, reduce serious incidents and reduce unavoidable death events, nothing is said about improving the patients' Mental Health or curing any Mental Disorders except - strangely enough - to say that Special Measures gives trust Executives and Staff "THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM PATIENTS AND FROM PATIENT'S DEATHS".

When questioned as to why such training is necessary, the response of practically all provider employees - especially executives - is: "We can't discuss individual cases or practitioners' decisions".

In many cases Special Measures leads to staff changes at various levels - including the very highest - and in severe cases there can be proposals for breaking down a Trust and reforming it in a different location, with different personnel and other re-organisation.

BUT - NEVER is there recognition of the following fundamental problem.

Namely that psychiatry falsely believes that Man is no more and no less than just another animal - but with a superior "Brain".

They have no recognition of Man's "Mind" or "Soul", both of which are demonstrably possessed by Mankind but NOT by animals.  As a result of which psychiatrists can NEVER EVER deliver a viable and caring modern Mental Health blueprint capable of correct diagnosis and effective handling of Man's Mental Health.

All because psychiatric research is nearly exclusively based on the study of millions of rats, mice, Pavlov's dogs and other laboratory animals.

And even though 300 hundred years ago, a wise Alexander Pope said:
"The proper study of Mankind - is Man".

SO . . . . the only Special Measures which are going to improve the Mental Health sector are: THE PHASING OUT of all animal behaviour based psychiatric, psychological and sociology procedures, training, counselling, diagnoses and treatment, whilst replacing them with modern science of mental health procedures developed by working with, examining and studying men and women who, unlike animals, can actually communicate their thoughts.

Human Beings who, in addition to an animal's Body, Brain and Reactive Mind, possess a much more significant Analytical Mind plus a governing and guiding Soul.

So that whilst psychiatry disagrees with practically every religion on the planet - the modern science of mental health validates the fact that we are - each and everyone of us - our own immortal SOUL.


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The Modern Science of Mental Health - "DIANETICS®" by L. Ron Hubbard.

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and he will tell you that extensive historical research on animal and human bodies conducted over nearly three centuries reveals and confirms that they are both flesh and blood animals with a brain, but that Man clearly has a "superior brain", which accounts for why Mankind rules the world instead of other animals being in charge.

However, ask the same question of a modern mental health researcher whose work has been done with numerous wide awake Human Beings as well as with animals, and he will tell you that whilst they both have flesh and blood bodies, a Brain and a Reactive Mind, Man additionally has an Analytical Mind which each Human Being uses to help steer his or her body through a whole lifetime.

Furthermore, the modern researcher will report that billions and billions of Men and Women know that the Human Being steering that body is themself - and that they themselves HAVE, or more accurately, ARE Spiritual Beings known everywhere as SOULS.

1) Souls, which the whole world of religion recognises, but which psychiatrists don't believe in - because they have not yet found how to contact them, PLUS 2) Analytical Minds which animals provably just do not possess.

So when early psychiatrists decided to experiment on millions and millions of rats and mice and to study other laboratory animals such as Pavlov's dogs, they chose to study a number of species ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM MAN. Which might be perfectly O.K. if they intended to apply the results of their research just to dogs, rats and mice, but which can lead only to disaster, failure and mental damage when they apply those purely animal studies to Mankind !

For which we have proof at every psychiatric hospital, clinic and asylum around the World, and further proof in Mental Health statistics for every psychiatrically advised and "treated" country on Earth !

So-called "treatments" derived from research on animals just do NOT work on Human Beings and never will do, simply because Humans are NOT animals, and are comprised of vastly different mental components.

And even if it is eventually proved that Man might have a superior Brain to that of animals - what does it matter ? Because in both animals and Man the Brain is nothing more nor less than an extremely efficient electronic switchboard which routes and transmits orders FROM the Mind(s) to the Body, and at the same time communicates TO the Mind(s) those sensations detected (by the body's eyes, ears, nose, touch and taste perceptive mechanisms) in the individual's local environment.

So, the Brain is essentially a switchboard and messenger, which does NOT make decisions, set goals, plan a future, calculate effort, or determine the activities of the Body. These are all functions of the Soul and its Analytical Mind - neither of which an animal possesses.

Whilst both Man and Animals can think on a level of Identification, and both have a Reactive Mind to help protect their bodies, only Man has an Analytical Mind which can also think in terms of Comparison and Differentiation.

And because Brain and Mind are separate components, and psychiatry assigns the origination of all human behaviour to the Brain (whilst claiming to be the experts in Mental Health) they at the same time deny the existence of the Human Mind(s).

Even though "Mental" means "arising from, appertaining to or concerned with MIND" - which psychiatry says does not exist.

Which therefore makes psychiatrists the pseudo mental health practitioners who have the world's main mental problem ! i.e. they don't know about the MIND !

Arising out of this, until 1948 the main psychiatric so-called Mental Health "treatments" were Electric Convulsive Shock Treatment (ECT), Narcotic Shock Treatment ("Deep Sleep"), and Pre-Frontal Lobotomy and Leucotomy Brain operations. All concerned with Brain and Body, no mention of "mind" and only a false title of "mental".

Following World War Two, a mainly industrial and agricultural Chemical Industry, seeking to expand its pharmaceutical interests in the human condition, effectively came to the rescue of psychiatrist by joining with them in the development of new diagnoses and treatments for so-called "mental disorders" with pharmaceutical drugs, many of which proved to be highly addictive.

This did not stop psychiatry's earlier damaging physical "treatments", which today continue just as extensively across the U.K. and other lands.

All that psychiatrist's closer and closer alliance with pharmacology did was to give them a kinder "local doctor" appearance concerned with making sure his patients get "the right medicine", when in fact they are mostly inventing new mental disorders or labelling normal childhood and other normal living behaviours as "mental disorders", just in order to sell more and more drugs to the N.H.S. to constantly boost and maintain - VIA INVOLUNTARY ADDICTION - the massive psycho-pharm profits for which U.K. taxpayers pay.

The truth is that whilst the Government "thinks" it runs the N.H.S., it is in fact psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical companies who have conned Ministers into believing that psychiatric counselling, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and palliative medicine are solutions to contrived mental disorders, when they are in fact the continuing and daily repeated CAUSES of such upsets.

Thank God we are now beginning to hear from courageous journalists like Peter Hitchins about how, not only Government, but also the young Royal family have been deceived, gulled, conned, or whatever you like to call manipulated, by those same psychiatrists who are supposed to be responsible for that family's "Mental Health" !

This has been accompanied not only by huge professional P.R. efforts to control Ministers', Officials' and Royals' opinions and activities in the Mental Health field, but also by making absolutely sure that no modern Mental Health practitioner ever has even the smallest opportunity to talk to Ministers, Officials and the Royal family !

By taking advantage of individuals' fears and psych implemented false knowledge about mental disorders and the Brain, modern Mental Health procedures (which are practised so successfully and effectively in numerous other countries) have been blatantly, falsely and deliberately labelled as "dangerous, fraudulent and harmful even to listen to" in order to ensure that U.K. decision makers and opinion leaders will immediately discount anything "good" which they will inevitably hear about alternatives to damaging psychiatric procedures and pharmaceutical addiction excesses.

But, arising out of Margaret Thatcher's psycho-pharm inspired "Care in the Community" closure of asylums and mental hospitals, the necessity to find new employment for thousands of psychiatric doctors, registrars, consultants and nurses resulted in their being appointed to advisory, decision-making and procurement positions in the Civil Service and in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services (DAATS), thus not only ensuing the spread of more and more psychiatric pseudo-scientific Mental Health "guidance" and "treatment", but also ensuring that modern Mental Health principles and successes will never ever be able to reach any Ministers, Officials or the Royal family through official routes.

Why would these "Care in the Community" appointed psychiatric doctors and nurses so enthusiastically go on defending psychiatry's dangerous practises ? Simply because they don't want their lack of knowledge of REAL Mental Health issues to be revealed and thus risk losing their comfortable jobs.

As a result, the real and most destructive consequence of having a Government conned into allowing psychiatry to remain in charge of our Mental Health procedures is the continuing subjection of our population to enforced incarceration, electric shocking, damaging brain operations and daily repeated cold turkey subjugation by government supplied life sapping addictive drugs.

The main consequence of which is a continuing growth in false and delusive so-
called Mental Disorders and a nation consuming more and more harmful and addictive drugs SOLELY and ONLY to make increasingly massive profits for the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity which is currently allowed to covertly run our N.H.S. "Mental Health" services.

But all N.H.S. Mental Health services could gradually be converted into less harmful, more effective, more successful and less expensive handling of real and better understood HUMAN Mental Health conditions - IF - practitioners of The Modern Science of Mental Health - DIANETICS® - were allowed to talk with Ministers, Officials and our young Royal Family.


Because in reality, it is the Ministers, Officials and the Royal family who, AS A RESULT OF PSYCHO-PHARM PROPAGANDA AND PSYCHIATRIC INFILTRATION OF THE CIVIL SERVICE, are being deliberately denied the opportunity to talk with practitioners of, and learn from, the works of L. Ron Hubbard.


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Society for an Addiction Free Existence.


P.S. For full definitions and explanations of the workings, anatomy and location of the Reactive and Analytical Minds, read: "DIANETICS, the Modern Science of Mental Health", obtainable from libraries and bookshops across the U.K.

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The massive amounts of Taxpayers’ money lavished on Social Services should, if properly invested, be enough to guarantee superlative handling of the problems which regularly crop up in the social sector.

Unfortunately those problems are too often missed by Executives and Staffs who have never been properly trained to recognise and understand the significance of the vast range of human emotions and how they impinge on individual’s behaviour in relation to family and the wider community.


Social Services are in the main governed by the same ancient and misguided research which forms the basis for Psychological and Psychiatric theories, the vast majority of which have been derived from a study of animals – Pavlov’s dogs, millions of rats, mice and numerous other assorted species.

Even though for centuries, practically every religion in the world has regarded Man as comprised of: “Body, Mind and Spirit”, or just simply as: “Body and Soul”, because ANIMALS CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE ANALYTICAL MINDS AND DO NOT MANIFEST THE SORT OF DECISION-MAKING AND FUTURE PLANNING ONE WOULD EXPECT FROM AN “ETERNAL” SOUL, practically every one of the multi-various and often opposing “psych” animal studies (which they regard as “life” studies) denies the existence of “Soul” and also of “Mind”.

Which denial is entirely to be expected, because, whilst both animals and Man possess flesh and blood bodies and the mental ability to IDENTIFY environmental phenomena, Man ALONE ALSO has the analytical abilities required to COMPARE and to DIFFERENTIATE between environmental beings, persona, objects and events, etc., PLUS having a Chief Executive Officer (or Soul) which determines the uses to which its body will be put and thus also the quality and duration of its body’s lifetime.

And in this last paragraph we have a very brief summary of why Mankind, although often physically inferior in size, strength, speed and attack & defence equipment, has to date proved himself the master of every other species on Earth, as well as master of an increasing proportion of his environment.

Taking mental, emotional and behavioural phenomena derived from animals which are demonstrably intellectually inferior to Man, and then using that same data to monitor and direct Man’s superior and fundamentally different behaviour, clearly continues the CREATING of social problems, rather than the solving of them.

300 years ago Alexander Pope rightly observed that: “THE PROPER STUDY OF MANKIND IS . . . . MAN”.   Nevertheless, psychiatrist Wilhelm Wundt (born in Leipzig in 1832, followed by Pavlov 1849, Freud 1856, Adler 1870, Jung 1875, Ellis and others) led the rest of psychiatry and psychology into the idea that we could all learn from experiments on, and studies of, the animal kingdom BECAUSE they all claim that Man is nothing more than a sophisticated 'animal' !

And these now proven desperately false theories they then applied – not only to individual men, women and children, and their monitoring and control - but also to their social interactions and responsibilities.

As a result, alongside butt-of-the-joke psychologists and provenly dangerous psychiatrists we have huge numbers of hard working and caring social workers tragically trying to do their best for humans with the “Social Sciences” designed by and for a totally different and inferior group of beings.

Problems dealt with by Social Services all inevitably involve “people”.  As a result Social Workers (just like Police and other Officials) must have a full understanding of both honest AND evasive human behaviour, if they are to recognise the fundamental and true nature of any individual problem, and thus come up with an effective solution.

There are nearly 60 identifiable human reactions to life and living, the majority of which you can NEVER learn from an animal, simply because animals just do not experience them.

These are the emotions which shape or hide the behaviour to be expected from an individual human in various sets of circumstances, and when a Social Worker is trained and practised in their recognition, that Worker is half way towards an effective solution, because he or she is operating from trained observation, knowledge, truth, facts, evidence, reality and actuality, rather than from theories, opinion, belief, hope and faith that Man IS, and is like, an animal.

But the psych theories on which Social Services mainly operate, in addition to regarding Man as fundamentally an animal, also regard the Brain as Man’s driving force in life.   BUT IT ISN’T.

The Brain is nothing more nor less than a superb electronic switchboard which handles communications between you (as a Soul) and your body, in order to be able to create effects in your environment AND to transmit to you the information about your environment which is collected by your five physical senses / perceptions.

Because psychiatrists and most psychologists – contrary to the massively greater number of religious faiths and believers - hold to the idea that Souls and Minds do NOT exist, the images they detect during brain-scans are falsely attributed to decision-making, planning, imagination, memory and all those activities actually originated – NOT BY THE BRAIN – but by the Soul in charge.  In other words, they are assigning CAUSE to what are in fact brain-scan detectable indications of Soul created EFFECTS as they take place in the Brain during their switchboard like transmissions between the Soul, the Body and the environment.

By missing and denying completely the Spiritual nature of Man and the existence of his Analytical Mind, and by mis-assigning the activities, qualities and goals of the Soul and the Analytical mind to the Brain, psychiatry, psychology, neurology and much of sociology have effectively diverted Man’s future progress down a path governed by psychiatrically promoted addiction and pharmaceutical profit motives

The fact that Brain is NOT the factor which distinguishes Man from animals is highlighted by the totally obvious fact that Man and animals BOTH HAVE BRAINS.  “Yes” say the psychs, “but they are of different sizes”. i.e. they are claiming that the varying size of a piece of grey matter from one flesh and blood animal body to another, is what determines each animal’s intelligence.

And some will even tell you that the reason a baby or young child is not as bright as an adult is because its head (and thus its Brain) is smaller !

So how do they explain the proven fact that in the first five years of a child’s life, a youngster learns far far more than the average adult in that same period ?  And does this mean that big adults are cleverer and more successful than small adults ?

Following a recent Social Services disaster in Derbyshire, when a baby was murdered by her own troubled mother, the main conclusion which seems to have been reached by the investigators is that, whilst it was well known that there was a problem, “there was a lack of professional curiosity”, and thus also a lack of effective decision-making and action.

But there has been no recognition or acknowledgement of the fact that this lack of interest or curiosity rests squarely on how much the APATHY which an unworkable, unsuccessful and failing set of professional theories AND TRAINING can dull workers’ perceptions, enquiring instincts and successful investigations.

And, because of INADEQUATE AND INEFFECTIVE TRAINING, that bored and monotonous level of enquiry extends beyond investigation and into the selecting of solutions for any problem which may have been rightly or wrongly decided upon.

In fact, because of the difficulties the average hard working, dedicated and caring Social Worker experiences in regularly producing fully effective outcomes, they themselves increasingly experience bouts of worry, uncertainty and apathy, and that apathy regularly manifests itself at all Staff levels including the Executive levels.

As consequence, whilst shortage of personnel or finance are usually publicly blamed, absence of full or appropriate training actually is very often detected.

Unfortunately however, because of the hold which Psychology and Psychiatry (as well as Pharmacology) has over the whole Social Services Sector, EVEN MORE costly IN-appropriate and IN-effective training is then entered into, along with a demand to government for more money.

The only proper study of the mind is to be found in the book: “DIANETICS® The Modern Science of Mental Health” by L. Ron Hubbard, which has sold infinitely more copies in practically every language spoken on Earth than any other mental health publication. As a result, Dianetics is by far the most widely used and effectively practised science of the mind, and one of Hubbard’s follow-up volumes entitled “SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL” laid the foundation for peaceful and effective social interaction.

Not surprisingly, Dianetics and Hubbard have both been viciously attacked since day one by German and American Psychiatry in a fruitless endeavour to perpetuate their pseudo-science and to maintain their entrenched “authoritative” "we've-been-here- longer" position with many government departments, including those in the United Kingdom.

Fortunately that situation is changing in many countries, not only because of Dianetics’ successes, but because of increasing psych failings in many sectors.

For further information and discussion, you may wish to phone (01342) 811099 any day after 11.00am & before 9.00pm or, if no reply, e-mail

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Society for an Addiction Free Existence

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The Real Question Is:








The stark truths revealed in Dr Gabor Lenkei’s famous book on the psycho-pharmaceutically promoted “disease industry”, Gwen Olsen’s You-Tube exposures from years of working inside big-pharma companies, and numerous other reports from physicians and chemists across the globe, should all come as no surprise - when one examines the current bankrupt state of the U.K. National Health Service.

Amongst other things, the job of the Department of Health is to fund provision of: 1) medicines for patients, 2) hospital premises, 3) medical equipment, 4) beds and other furnishings, 5) ambulances, 6) surgeons, 7) doctors, 8) nurses and other staff and 9) their training, etc., and it is significant that for most of the last 69 years both medication spending and the number of patients being medicated have increased at a much faster rate than all those other N.H.S. costs.

Whilst this is partly due to the rising immigrant population, the increasing number of patients INVOLUNTARILY ADDICTED to pharmaceutical drugs daily supplied by the N.H.S., proves that by far the main increase is because MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PATIENTS ARE JUST NOT GETTING CURED !



To really appreciate the cold-blooded subtlety of the greed motivated psycho-pharmaceutical marketing strategies into which all of us have been covertly and increasingly trapped since the formation of the N.H.S, we must first understand the vital differences and values of the various health outcomes possible for patients.

The first is the actual natural built-in processes upon which ALL healing of flesh and blood bodies and human minds depend, without which no other facets of healing would ever occur, and which are fundamental to a “cure” or full cessation of any health problem.

The second is the medicines and procedures which, over the ages we have discovered can assist and promote those natural healing processes, and which are generally known as “treatment” or “counselling”.

Third is the “management” of patient’s “symptoms” based on “palliative” prescribing. i.e., NOT the handling of “causes”, but the temporary chemical shutting off of the effects of an injury or illness in order to provide so-called “relief” for the patient.

As part of our vital natural healing processes - aches, pains, numbness, tenderness, smarting, itching and weakness, etc., are also part of NATURE’S REMINDER TO THE OWNER OF THE BODY that he or she has an injured, sick or disordered situation which MUST be protected, safeguarded and only gently and gradiently restored to usage in order to maximise and speed a return to full health.

But “pseudo-sympathetic” drug company salesmen express “mock-concern” that patients should never ever have to confront EVEN healing or growing pains, and that we should “manage” our healing processes with “relieving” drugs instead of even suffering minor painful or disorientating healing effects designed by nature to fully protect us against over-activity, physical or mental overwhelm or too early naturally strenuous body usage - when not yet fully recovered.

In principle, this sounds very humane and considerate, until, with the experience of the last seven decades of National Health Service, we examine all the vastly damaging results brought about by such a "sympathetic" policy.

A “medicine” is any substance which, by one means or another, is introduced into the body with the intention of removing the individual from an unwanted condition, and the term “medicine” is generally held to apply to those substances which STIMULATE, ASSIST OR REINFORCE the Body’s Own Natural Defences and Self-Healing Abilities.

In contrast, the modern meaning of “drug” is any substance, generally understood to normally be of a toxic or poisonous nature, but which nevertheless, by one means or another, is introduced into the body with a view to removing the individual from an unwanted physical, mental, personal or behavioural condition, and the term “drug” is usually taken to mean those substances which work by ALTERING the boidy's metabolism to ENFORCE some other condition.

(N.B. Whilst it is recognised that practically any substance when taken in sufficient quantity can poison or otherwise adversely affect the body’s natural chemistry, the nature of drugs is such that only a very small or even a minute quantity can do so.)

Although “medicines” and “drugs” all look pretty much alike in their liquid, pill, tablet and capsule forms, it is the vast world of difference which exists between “ASSISTING” the body’s functions and “ENFORCING ALTERATIONS” to the body’s functions which leads to and creates the major problems today besetting the National Health Service and its INCREASINGLY “MANAGED” BUT UNCURED PATIENT POPULATION.

This is because ENFORCED ALTERATIONS TO HUMAN METABOLISM are the root cause of all substance ADDICTIONS.

Today, the increasing number of addicted but uncured patients are what are costing the N.H.S, the Exchequer and therefore the Taxpayer, TENS OF MILLIONS of £pounds every single day of every week, every month and every year, and have been increasingly doing so since 1948 !

Recognise that, you can never ever become addicted to a drug which you NEVER consume. i.e. You can ONLY become addicted to a drug which you actually take.

In addition to a Couple of Million addicted alcoholics, the U.K. has roughly One Million illicit drug addicts.  But, the U.K. has Four Million N.H.S. patients daily addicted to 1, 2, 3 or 4 doses of pharmaceutical drugs, all supplied by the U.K. Government at Taxpayer cost.

So, whilst alcoholic drinks producers and criminals account for just over 40% of our socially devastating, economically costly and morale destroying national condition, NEARLY 60% OF OUR ADDICTED POPULATION IS CREATED BY THE PRODUCERS AND PRESCRIBERS OF PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS !

What a crying shame, and how could it have possibly happened ?

And the first questions to examine for an answer are: “WHAT IS ADDICTION”,

SUBSTANCE ADDICTION is the overwhelming necessity regularly or continuously experienced by an individual for the consumption of some substance which is being irresistibly demanded by the metabolism of that individual because his or her metabolism has, at an earlier point in time, been forcibly altered by consuming that same substance.

The alterations arise because of the toxic nature of the substance and the endeavours of the body’s chemistry to encompass that substance’s poisoning by providing a facility for it’s safe consumption, which facility must then be continuously exercised or, if not, abandoned in the name of economical operation, such abandonment resulting in the detrimental poisoning of the body during any period of withdrawal or attempted cessation of usage.

Obviously, it is not the addict who benefits from addiction. Quite the reverse, as he or she loses practically all control of his or her life.
Careful study and examination of the situation reveals and confirms, time after time, that basically PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS of ALL types of addictive substances benefit from the enslavement generated by their production and sale, along with any TAX COLLECTING AUTHORITY under whose jurisdiction the producers and sellers operate, plus any individuals holding shares in any such commercial production, sales and distribution operations.

SO. What are the first groups of “Beneficiaries of Addiction” who deliberately CAUSE Addiction, and the second groups of “Beneficiaries of Addiction” who basically ALLOW & ENCOURAGE Addiction to continue because of the benefits they consider they obtain from such permissive encouragement ?

a) Drug Barons, their distribution chains and their Local Pushers.
b) Pharmaceutical Production Companies, their chains of chemists shops, their
     dispensers, and the G.Ps they have conned into massive palliative prescribing,
c) Psychiatrists, their counselling practices and their fee incomes,
d) Alcoholic drink manufacturers, their chains of Public Houses and owned or
     supplied Off-Licensed premises, and,
e) Any and all those individuals in decision making positions in the country, who
     enjoy some familial or financial relationship with a), b), c) or d) above.


Substance Addition is an activity deliberately undertaken by unscrupulous money motivated individuals, business companies or criminal gangs, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing high turnover and prices with a minimum of future effort and cost.

By telling the right lies to an individual seeking an answer to some problem, he or she can be rendered dependent with just a few doses of an addictive drug.  A seven day, three times a day prescription will normally result in more than 50% of the prescribed patients becoming long term irresistibly addicted to the drug prescribed.

Thus the most accurate & correct description for a drug addict is: “VICTIM”.

A victim of uncaring and unsympathetic greed. A victim of misinformation and personal criminal manipulation for profit. A victim of inept, misinformed and manipulated government, and a victim of the apathy generated in government circles by a century of increasing addiction, drug related crime and drug related deaths, and the apparent failure to cope of Ministers, M.Ps and Officials being daily advised and misdirected by the very same groups of so-called “Drug Professionals” who are amongst the leading Beneficiaries of Addiction !


But NEVER on the basis of advice and guidance from psychiatrists or pharmaceutical drug production companies.   This is because ADDICTION is the most valuable weapon in their marketing armoury, and for them, working to cure addiction would put them INTO the business of putting themselves OUT of most of their easy profitable – but cruel - business !

Addictive substances are A UNIQUE PRODUCT SALE, because unlike other regularly repeatable transactions, the product has only to be sold ONCE, and thereafter the demand for the next supply is IRRESISTIBLY AUTOMATED by the product itself!

Which is obviously why we have the Couple of Million addicted alcoholics, the One Million illicit drug addicts, and the FOUR Million N.H.S. patients daily addicted to 1, 2, 3 or 4 doses of pharmaceutical drugs.

And rather than curing drug and drink addiction – with programmes which are totally available to (but hidden from) Government - the psycho-pharm fraternity are busy converting illicit users of illegal drugs to prescription supplied legal pharmaceutical addicts profitably paid for by U.K. Taxpayers.

That the psycho-pharm fraternity continuously resist curing drug and drink addiction is further proof of that fraternity’s deliberate creation and preservation of addiction in as many profitable patients as possible.

Because addicting an individual is CONTRIBUTING TO THE INFLICTION OF ACTUAL BODILY HARM ON THE ADDICTED VICTIM, ESPECIALLY WHENEVER HE OR SHE ATTEMPTS TO WITHDRAW FROM USAGE, any individual pusher or prescriber of any addictive drugs is committing a criminal act, and should be appropriately handled by the Courts.


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